© 2010 Renee Roman Nose All Rights Reserved.
The Official
Renée Roman Nose   
~ Wind Song ~

The wind carries messages
for those with ears to hear
The trees carry signs
for those with eyes to see
The forest tells stories
to those who can read
The eagle beckons
to those whose spirits are free

© 2010 Renée Roman Nose All Rights Reserved.
~ Welcome ~

The mountains close around me protectively
Full of life and hope
Shelter from the storms of a modern world
An escape from the jungle of the city

Towering concrete trees blocking the sun
Thick, dark pollution stunting the view
The very air an enemy
Crushed by the crowds

My lungs and life
Fill gratefully
With the cleansing breath
Of clean, bright air

© 2010 Renée Roman Nose All Rights Reserved.

He walks into the arena with care
Each step causing his body pain
Yet…his mind rejoices
Rejecting the stresses
The trembling legs that threaten to fail
And do not…
His back slightly bowed by time
A face deeply carved by life
By love, loss
And survival
His will stronger than his flesh
His heart and soul
In each step
Carrying him with unconscious grace
Slowly, painfully
His movements reflecting
The beauty and strength
Of the drum

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   Completed work:  Sweet Grass Talking, a book focusing on historical events from a Native perspective, available via this website or through Designs by Melodye at www.designsbymelodye.com.
   Work in progress:  Have War Paint, Will travel, a book of poetry which explores the range of relationships utilizing Native humor.